Livestamin Advance HSN - 60 Capsules


Everyone desires to look beautiful and young, irrespective of their age. But, lack of consumption of a healthy balanced diet, busy work schedules, and high-stress levels hinders one’s daily fulfillment of essential vitamins and minerals.This eventually leads to hair fall, dry scalp, baldness, weak hair, greying of hair; skin problems like dry skin, sensitive skin, cracked skin, uneven skin tone, dark patches, pigmentation and also nail problems like brittle, weak and chipped nails.Hence, in order to counteract this problem, LIVESTAMIN has come up with a power-packed nutrition supplement known as LIVESTAMIN Hair Skin and Nails capsules. This supplement is for both, men and women to provide long &lustrous hair, young & vibrant skin and healthy hails.

Health Benefits

For healthy hair, skin, & strong nails Promotes hair growth & prevents hair loss Supports carbohydrate, protein & fat metabolism Contains antioxidants to boost immunity

Directions to use

2 capsules daily after meals or as directed by your Healthcare Professional.