Bibo Breathe Blend |Aroma Therapy | Nasal Decongestant | 100% Premium Oils | 5ml Dropper Bottle

Gone with the whiffs! Yes, now you can bid adieu to congestion and allergies easily with a few whiffs of effective natural oils blend from Bibo. And that too without dipping your fingers in the balms enriched with white petroleum jelly. Petroleum jelly has been proven harmful in various clinical studies and is not recommended for application by MadeSafe, Australia and various other institutions.
You can use Breathe Blend in many ways:
• use it for inhalation after applying a few drops on a hanky or pillow
• add it to enhance steam inhalation benefits or also in your oil diffuser.
Packed in a glass bottle with a euro dropper, it is easy to use and no need to attach any external droppers or make your hands messy.