Bibo Breathofy Syrup | Lung Detox l All Coughs | 40% Honey | Adulsa, Aswagandha etc | 200ml

At Bibo, we took the challenge to get the best syrup out with the help of Advanced Herbal Remedies from Kerala and used only clinically proven ingredients to ensure the best experience to our users.

Packed with 40% Honey, Breathofy Syrup has the most quantity of honey in this category to give you the maximum soothing and immunity benefits. Powered by a strong mix of honey and mint freshness, Breathofy provides instant comfort and a great aftertaste. You would agree with us when you try this.

Breathofy is great for improving overall lung health, helps in lung detoxification and provides comfort from all coughs like dry cough, throat issues and wet cough with phlegm. Also suitable for regular consumption for people with respiratory allergies.