Bibo Clear Vapor Patch Ultra | Hands' Free Inhaler | Unblock Nose | No Petro Jelly | 14 Patches

Bibo is the pioneer in Vapor patches in India which gives you freedom from the clutches of vapour rubs being sold for decades. Most vapour rubs are 90% petroleum jelly and still call themselves natural. As per various research and recommendations of MadeSafe, petroleum jelly has proven to cause issues.
The new “ULTRA” edition of Clear Vapor Patch is twice stronger in aroma, works longer, stays effective for 10+ hours and comes in a better, easily tear-able package.
The stick-on vapour patches provide a mess-free solution as neither you need to dip your fingers in a jar nor hold that keychain inhaler. You can have a good sleep with it or be active at your work or school easily with the patch-on.
For best outcomes, stick as close as possible to the nose, preferably within 6 cm. Works great in a closed environment or low wind situation so that vapours can concentrate well.