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BodyFirst 100 % Whey Protein Powder with Prohydrolase Enzyme Technology , 24 g Protein ( 2.3 lbs) (1.05kg) 32 Servings/Sachets (Coffee Flavour )

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BodyFirst 100% Whey Protein combines the purest source of protein with a form that is closest to its biological form, whey protein isolate and concentrate. ProHydrolase in BodyFirst 100% Whey Protein enhances the benefit of this combination of whey protein isolate and concentrate by making the protein available to the body.


Whey Proteins that are sourced internationally and combined with prohydrolase enzyme technology

Directions to use

Open the sachet and add it to shaker/bottle, Add 150 ML of cold water or milk, Shake the mixture well and consume within 5 minutes of preparing drink