BodyFirst Whey Protein Isolate Powder with Probiotics and Prohydrolase Enzyme Technology , 25 g Protein ( 4.94 lbs) (2.24kg) 70 Servings/Sachets(Chocolate Flavour )



25 g protein all imported from Market Leader - Glanbia Nutritionals, USA You may wonder what makes our protein different than every other brand. One reason our protein stands out is that we use prohydrolase enzyme technology. This helps to break down protein efficiently and completely so that the body can maximize the absorption of amino acids. Probiotics in our protein boosts the immune system , delaying the onset of respiratory infection , which enables one to perform better. 0 BLOATING - As whey protein is broken down into its smallest components , you will not feel bloated after consuming. Digestive discomfort is also reduced drastically with Prohydrolase Enzyme Technology.


Whey Proteins that are sourced internationally and combined with prohydrolase enzyme technology

Directions to use

Open the sachet and add it to shaker/bottle, Add 150 ML of cold water or milk, Shake the mixture well and consume within 5 minutes of preparing drink