About this item

  • Why Protein Bars: Eating a protein bar is an easy way to increase your protein intake. On an average man should consume 56g and women 46g of protein each day. Protein also leaves you feeling fuller for longer, so you can consume Carb Killa protein bar as a nutritious snack as it has 20g of protein per bar. A complementary protein pack for day-to-day life.
  • All About Carb Killa: Carb Killa chocolate protein bar is the ultimate high protein snack, available in a range of flavours, from classic Caramel Chaos and White Chocolate Cookie to the famous Birthday Cake and decadent Dark Chocolate Mint. Each high protein bar is triple layered and coated in chocolate for ultimate indulgence.
  • A Go To Bar: Carb Killa Protein Bar is a perfect alternative for high calories chocolate chip bar as it filled with more protein than calories. This nutritious snack helps you to achieve your muscle building goals. A perfect pocket-friendly travel buddy.
  • High Protein, Low Carb: Carb Killa protein bar comes with high protein intake of 20g per bar. While, on the other side it comes with low carb i.e. less than 2g of sugar per bar.
  • When To Consume: Carb Killa can be consumed at anytime, anywhere. The best time is to eat them as a post-workout snack to aid your muscle recovery. One can totally count it on as a Midday snack partner.