Fast&Up Activate1500 Mg Arginine Pre Workout Sports Drink with Protien Supplements - 20 Effervescent Tablets - Orange Flavour


• Pre workout drink with L-Arginine (1500mg) L-Carnitine (250 mg), helps enhance nitric oxide (NO) content in the body

• Prevents Exercise Induced Oxidative Stress (EXIOS) • Helps increase blood flow and enhance oxygen availability to cells, L-Carnitine helps to burn fat

• Helps to fight free radicals produced in body during exercise

• How To Use – Drop 1 tablet in 250 ml of water, allow it to Dissolve completely and Drink Fast&Up Activate is a pre-workout drink with essential active nutrients that play a vital role in preparing you beforehand for any activity.

Activate is a pre workout supplement drink available in orange flavor is beneficial for all fitness enthusiasts helping in daily activities like running, cycling etc. Activate pre-workout supplement provides the body with required energy for intense exercise by boosting oxygen, nutrients supply to muscles for enhanced athletic performance. Keeping this in mind, Fast&Up Activate sports nutrition drink is formulated with active nutrients to boost endurance such as L-Arginine, L-Carnitine, and Lycopene making it an ideal pre-workout drink. The L-Arginine supplement increases the levels of nitric oxide in the body which acts as a vasodilator which dilates the blood vessels for more oxygen and nutrients supply to muscles. This energizes the muscles and prevents fatigue for enhanced exercise performance. L-Cartnitine supplement helps in fat breakdown by muscles to prevent exhaustion of glucose reserves of the body. Activate also contains Zinc which is an effective antioxidant which helps to eliminate the cell damaging free radicals produced in the body during intense workouts. Each tube of Fast&Up Activate pre-workout supplement contains 10 orange flavored effervescent tablets that quickly dissolve in water for consumption. Each tablet is to be dissolved completely in 250 ml of water before consuming making it an easy to use pre-workout drink by just Drop-Dissolve-Drink action.


L-Arginine 1500mg,L- Carnitine 250mg, Coenzyme Q10 (10%) 25mg, Lycopene (10%) 12.5mg,Zinc Sulphate Monohydrate 6.25mg

Directions to use

Drop, Dissolve and Drink. All you have to do is DROP 1 tablet in 250 ml water, Wait till it Dissolves completely and Drink 30 minutes prior to your workout or training