• Fast&Up EAA is an ideal combination of performance booster ingredients such as 9 Essential Amino Acids (EAA) with Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA) + Hydration and Vitamin Booster Blends
  • 8600 mg of EAA blend helps Build, Repair and Refuel Muscles for Reduced Muscle Fatigue & Soreness.
  • 5000 mg of BCAA (2:1:1) Helps in Driving your Performance in the Intra-Workout Phase.
  • 510 mg of Muscle Hydrating Electrolytes helps Hydrate Muscle Fibres for Proper Muscle & Nerve Function.
  • Vitamin Booster Blend: Aids Muscle Growth and Health, Enhances Metabolism and Maintain Muscle Health
  • 100% Vegetarian, Caffeine Free, Refreshing Lemon Zest flavour, Clinically Proven Ingredients and Banned Substance Free with no added sugar
  • Ultra-Granulated EAA is an Intra- Training Drink for Peak Performance, Muscle Recovery, Hydration and Electrolyte Replenishment.
  • How to use: Add 1 scoop of Fast&Up EAA in 250 ml of water or your favourite drink. Mix well. Drink immediately.

Product Description:

What are the benefits of consuming intra-training drink?

Intra-training supplements are those drinks that are consumed during trainings/workouts. They contain ingredients that are readily absorbed by the body to offer immediate effect with the aim to provide delay intra-workout fatigue, hydration, optimize muscle recovery and enhance performance.

How EAA benefits?  

Amino acids are organic substances that include nitrogen, carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen, as well as a variable side chain group. To develop and operate properly, our bodies require 20 distinct amino acids, out of which 9 are essential. Our bodies cannot produce these 9 amino acids; thus, they must be supplied through diet or supplementation, hence are considered as essential amino acids. EAA helps in increasing energy and endurance, provides better muscle recovery, boost exercise and athletic performance and better hydration to the muscles.

What are BCAA?  

Branched chain amino acids (BCAA) is a general word for the essential amino acids- valine, leucine, and isoleucine, which are digested by the body and utilised as sources of muscular energy. Because the chemical structure of these three amino acids includes branches, they are referred to as Branched Chain Amino Acids. They have been found as being very important to muscle since they are abundant in muscle protein. They also help balance muscle glycogen stores, which minimizes and ensures minimal protein breakdown during a workout. BCAA in your supplement is a sure shot way to boost your workout performance.

What is the role of Electrolytes?  

Electrolytes are required for normal muscle contractions and are considered to contribute to muscular fatigue. Excess ammonia and hydrogen molecules are considered to inhibit muscle contractions and minimise muscular tension build up after intense bouts of physical activity. Electrolytes aid to heal damaged tissue by regulating nerve and muscle function, hydrating the body, balancing blood acidity and pressure, and regulating neuron and muscle function.

What is Vitamin Booster blend?

Fast&Up Essential Amino Acids contains a Vitamin booster blend consisting of Vitamin B1, B2, B3, B6 and C. This blend helps in muscle growth and maintaining muscle health. This Vitamin blend will support performance and endurance. Vitamin C will help in boosting immune function and may help in repairing damaged tissues as a result of intense activity. 

How does Fast&Up EAA help?

Fast&Up EAA is an advanced science-based formula designed with a complete spectrum of 9 essential amino acids with added hydration and vitamin booster blend. EAAs help in muscle development and repair, as well as reducing muscular fatigue and soreness. This formula contains taurine, which aids in re-energizing and muscle healing, as well as citrulline, which helps oxygenate and eliminate toxins from muscles. The electrolytes combination will aid in the hydration of muscle fibres as well as healthy nerve and muscle function. The Vitamin Booster combination promotes muscular growth and metabolism. Designed with Ultra Granulation Technology this drink has a smooth and creamy texture, is banned substance free and available in delicious Lemon Zest flavour. 

How to use?

Add 1 scoop of Fast&Up EAA in 250 ml of water or your favourite drink. Mix well. Drink immediately. 

Who can opt for Fast&Up EAA?

Fast&Up EAA can be consumed during intra-training/ workout by anyone who participates in sports, body-building, fitness enthusiast looking to improve performance and recovery.