Fast&Up Isolate & Hydrolyzed 100% Blend Whey Protein (Rich Chocolate, 30 Servings) (912gm)

  • Pre - Digested 24g Whey Protein from Premium Whey Blend (Hydrolysate + Isolate) with Grass-Fed Whey for Muscle Strength & Recovery
  • With Added High Quality Digestive Enzyme (Pepzyme AG) for Easy Digestion and to help prevent bloating or stomach upsets
  • Fast Digesting, Cross-Flow Micro-Filtered European Whey Protein with Extremely Low Lactose
  • Easy Mixing, Smooth Texture, Delicious Chocolate Flavour, No Added Sugar, Banned Substances Free
  • How to use - Scoop, Shake and Drink. Mix one scoop (30.4 g) with 200 - 300mL water or your favourite healthy beverage, Shake well and Drink