Flex Protein Hemp Seed Protein Powder



Flex Protein™ Hemp Protein is India’s First cleanest flavoured hemp protein. Indigenously sourced from the Sativa plant species, it is naturally sweetened. 100% vegan, high in Edestin protein and dietary fibre, it contains a good balance of Omega 3+6 Essential Fatty Acids.

This is a whole food protein powder rich in complete protein (36% protein) and beneficial branch chain amino acids.

Made from natural Hemp seeds, which have the most complete edible and usable protein in the plant world, it aids digestive and cardiovascular health. It also helps build lean muscle and boosts metabolism.

Disclaimer: It contains less than 0.3% THC (Tetrohydrocannabinol), so that no Psychoactive compounds are found in it.

*This Nutrition is based according to Raw Hemp protein but may vary with added flavour.