Floney Linden Honey 250gm



NATURE’S LIQUID GOLD - WITH BEST ANTIBACTERIAL PROPERTIES The light yellow colored FLONEY® Hungarian Linden Honey, with its fluid consistency, is filled with nutrients that provide many health benefits. Its antibacterial properties are the highest compared to any other honey type. Along with flavourful taste, it has a fresh and crisp woody aroma with hints of mint, balsamic and camphor.

Directions to use

Linden Honey should not be heated as it will strip it off its healing properties. You can have 4-5 spoonfuls of it daily. It is really good for small children and elderly people. It can be used in its raw form as a sweetener for drinks & smoothies, as a spread on bread, or with fruits. It can also be applied externally on skin for a healthy glow or treating skin problems like eczema, burns or rashes.