GNC Pro Performance AMP Gold Series Ultra Rush - 500gm (Watermelon)


  • Ultra Concentrated High Performance
  • Pre-work out drink for better energy and performance.
  • Pre-work out drink for better energy and performance.
  • Helps achieve your goals by supporting blood flow and pump.
  • Power & Performance Matrix to promote muscle strength and endurance during high intensity exercise.
  • N.O. Pump Accelerator to promote blood circulation and energy supply to working muscles.
  • Informed Choice Certified


  • Boosts energy and improves mental focus to achieve optimal physical performance.
  • Improve strength, endurance and reduce muscle sore to sustain for longer training sessions.

Who should Consume

  • Intense Gyming (2 - 3 hrs) for more than 3 months.
  • For athletes to Maximize their workout.
  • For Intense Training like weight lifting.

How to Consume

  • Mix one scoop (15.5 g) in 300 ml of cold water and consume pre-workout. On non-training days, consume one serving for additional focus.
  • Comsume ample amounts of water while taking this product. Do not take before bedtime or with other caffeine containing products.
  • Not For Medicinal Use, Not to exceed the stated recommended daily usage.

When to Consume

  • Preworkout