gyrix Multivitamins - 15 Oral Strips| VitaminsA, B, C, D, E & K Along With Ashwagandha (15 x 0.24 g)

Brand: Gyrix Multivitamins Mouth Dissolving Films /Strips Product Benefits: Gyrix Multivitamins Mouth Dissolving films help in fulfilling the nutritional goals of both Men and Women. Oral thin films have with highest bioavailability, come without sugars & preservatives with quick onset of action, and precise dosing with the advantages of easy to use and easy to carry. Specific Use for the Product: Helps in Vitamin deficiencies, Helps in Energy management, Supports the overall improvement of Health, Supports Stress Relief and Antioxidant Active Ingredients: Ashwagandha -20mg, Vit.A -1000mcg, Vit.B1 -1.8mg, Vit.B2 -2.5mg, Vit.B5 -5mg, Vit.B6 -2.4mg, Vit.B7 -40mcg, Vit.B9 -300mcg, Vit.B12 -2.2mcg, Vit.C -80mg, Vit.D3 -600IU, Vit.E -10mg, Vit.K2 -65mcg, and Iodine -140mcg, Number of Items: One box with 15 Oral thin films Form: Mouth Dissolving Films or Oral Disintegrating strips Age Range: Only for Adults (Both Men & Women) Use for: Body Net Content: 3.6gms Flavour: Alphonso Mango Flavour