Health Sutra Flakes - Jowar, 250 g (pack of 4)


Health Sutra Flakes - Jowar

About the Product

Highly nutrtious breafast cereal/Poha. Skip Oats/ Cornflakes - Eat Millets. Made from Sorghum(jowar/Jonna). These Jowar flakes can be had with hot milk for breakfast and can be used to make Poha/Chiwda. Jowar is the desi way to stay fit.

Sorghum(Jowar) flakes (100%)
How to Use

• For Poha - Add seasoning grains and vegetables along with a Tbsp of oil to a kadai. Add Jowar Flakes after the vegetables are done. Sprinkle water if necessary. Cook on Med. Flame with lid closed for 2 min. Add garninshing. Serve hot. • Add to warm milk. Add honey/sugar as necessary.