HealthAid Immuno 360-60 Tablets (Vitamin C 1000mg Complex with Vitamin D & Zinc)

Get super immunity for your family
IMMUNO 360TM tablets from HealthAid are
formulated to boost your immunity to fight viral
or seasonal infections. It also helps maintain
healthy skin, eyes and lungs.
Why use HealthAid IMMUNO 360™?
• Vitamin C boosts immunity
• Vitamin D protects against respiratory tract
infections. As per research it also protects
against COVID Virus
• Zinc Sulphate enhances the immune system
and helps to maintain the sense of smell
and taste
• Amla Extract helps build immunity and fight
common cold, cough and flu
• Orange Peel Extract helps expel phlegm, break
down congestion and clear the lungs; helps
ward off and prevents lung infections
• Acerola Extract if consumed with vitamin C is
extremely powerful to boost immunity along
with increasing the absorption of it
• Rosehip extract is rich in antioxidants and
strengthens the immune system.
• Ideal combination of Vitamin C, Vitamin D
and Zinc for the entire family