Jivika Naturals Desi Bilona A2 GIR Cow Ghee


Highlights - 

  • Sourced from the Gwala communities of Baroda, Gujarat
  • Made from high-quality A2 milk of Indian native desi, free-grazing cows
  • Made using the Bilona method of churning curd to make Makhan (butter) and not malai(cream). 
  • Contains no added preservatives, non-GMO, no artificial hormones added. It is 100% pure, natural, and unadulterated.
  • Made in small batches, it is the most premium and pure ghee available. 

Brief - 

The Gir cows roam freely, they are fed hand-picked grass. The preparation process starts by boiling the A2 milk, it is left idle for it to reach room temperature. A required amount of A2 curd is added to the milk, which leads to fermentation or cultured into the whole curd. It is left overnight to generate good bacteria and good digestive enzymes. The curd is then put in Bilona, it is hand-churned to get butter, which is melted over firewood. The result of which is a golden, danedar Vedic Gir Ghee, the best one can ever taste.

Benefits - 

  • The butyric acid in Gir Ghee assists in digestion and anti-inflammatory processes in the body
  • Easy digestion
  • Contains fatty acids such as palmitic acid and oleic acid
  • Helpful in decreasing bad cholesterol
  • Facilitates excellent circulation
  • Contains healthy fat-soluble vitamins that absorb nutrients in food that are most vital for health