Jivika Naturals Wooden Pressed Cold Pressed Mustard Oil



  • High-quality Mustard seeds are sourced from Rajasthan 
  • Made in Wooden Ghani
  • Has a high smoke point
  • It is unrefined, no additives are used

Brief - 

It is cold-pressed which means it is pressed under 45° C. Made in a wooden Ghani, an extraction technique that is timeless, keeping the nutrients locked in. Mustard is one of the most common ingredients in Indian cuisine, especially known for its strong flavor, pungent aroma, and high smoke point. This oil can be used in all sorts of cooking ranging from stir-frying to deep-frying and is popularly used to make pickles.


  • Rich in monounsaturated fats which maintain good heart health
  • Lightens skin
  • Helps in hair growth 
  • Prevents premature graying of hair
  • High levels of Vitamin E