Revel in the delicious, red glory of Kapiva Organic Beetroot Powder


We use only fresh beetroots from the farms of Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh. For this, we engage with small scale, marginal farmers. These farmers indulge in natural farming practices to produce this plant. We source fresh produce from only those areas where all the best environment and soil conditions are met for this particular crop. This is a dehydrated beetroot powder made using natural processes for maximum nutrition. All our herbs are thoroughly washed and treated with in-house drying technology. This retains the taste, nutrition, colour and aroma of the vegetable. Because when it comes to your health, we take #NoShortcuts

  • Organic, sun dried powder for maximum nutrition
  • Rich in iron, thus helps reduce fatigue and tiredness of the body
  • Packed with vitamin B9 and C for pre-conceptual health
  • Loaded with antioxidants to keep cell damage at bay
  • Maintains a healthy immune system and minimizes infections


Assists with Digestion

Beetroots are rich in betaine. This agent is thought to be beneficial for good digestive health. It helps increasing stomach acid levels, which could help reduce bloating, prevent food intolerances, and help control yeast and bacterial growth.

May Detox Liver

Beetroot helps detoxify the blood and help flush toxins out of the body. It is rich in pectin, a fibre that plays a crucial role in heavy metal detoxification. Unlike other substances, pectin helps block reabsorption of toxins by the body.

Helps Improve Stamina

Beetroots help improve stamina and endurance. They act well with pre and post workout shake that can help power through your workouts. They help regulate oxygen uptake so that you feel less fatigued and all charged up for workout sessions.

Healthy Hair and Skin

High in antioxidant content, this powder may help reduce the issues of ageing and bring about a youthful glow. Containing powerful antioxidants like anthocyanidins, this healthy mix has anti-inflammatory properties. This may also help protect and support collagen production.


Helps Regulate Pressure

Beetroots are highly concentrated in dietary nitrates. These help maintain healthy blood pressure levels.

Enhance Athletic Performance

Nitrates in this powder appear to affect physical performance by strengthening your muscles and boost energy in your body.

Weight Management

Low in calories, this healthy mix can be an effective weight loss support. It contains protein and fibre that help in achieving and maintaining a healthy weight.

Helps Fight Inflammation

Beetroot powder contains pigments called betalains, which may potentially possess a number of anti-inflammatory properties.

The #NoShortcut Way of Life

We do what’s difficult. To make wellness easy for you. At Kapiva, we believe that for something to be done well, it has to be done the hard way. We travel great distances to source the best ingredients and we use the most efficient techniques to make our products nutrient-dense. We do it all, and more, for your wellness.

Because when it comes to your health, we take #NoShortcuts