Lifenow Spirulina 500mg, 60 Vegetarian Capsules, Green Super Food For Digestion


Lifenow Spirulina vegetarian capsules consist of a microalgae named Spirulina. This natural material has uncountable health benefits and because of those benefits it is being used from a very long time. It is high in fiber and we all know that fiber rich food materials help in weight loss. It is also known as super food. 500mg Spirulina extract is present in a single capsule. It also helps in detoxifying body. Huge amount of antioxidants are present in Spirulina which helps in proper digestion of food and enhances metabolism. Once metabolism becomes strong, immune system itself starts working properly. This micro algae is also beneficial for healthy eyes and brain. It has uncountable healthy benefits. Using this on a regular basis can prove fruitful to you. 


Spirulina (2000mg)

Directions to use

Take 4 capsules daily in the morning empty stomach or as directed by a healthcare professional.