Nutriorg Amla Juice 500ml



Nutriorg amla juice is made from organic amla which is grown in company's own certified organic farms located in Rajasthan. Nutriorg amla juice is 100 percent pure and unadulterated cold pressed 100 percent juice made from freshly extracted organic amla. Amla juice is a richest source of vitamin-c. It enhance immunity, high antioxidant, reduces inflammation, strengthens liver, good for eyes, skin and hair. It also helps in improving the efficacy of others vitamins in the body. Amla is considered the most powerful herb to manage overall health and well being. Amla is a rich source of vitamin c, it is considered to contain 20 times more vitamin c than oranges. Nutriorg amla juice is also rich in proteins and fibers. It contains minerals such as iron, calcium and phosphorous besides vitamin a and c. It is also one of the strongest immune booster for mankind which means that regular intake of amla will help build strong immunity. How to consume: - consume 25-30ml Nutriorg amla juice with 150ml Luke warm water twice a day preferably morning and evening 20-30 mins prior to any meals. Shake the Nutriorg amla juice jar well before use. For more details or query contact at details provided at packing bottle.


Made From Organic Amla

Directions to use

mix 30ml of juice with lukewarm water and consumed empty stomach twice a day.