Nutriorg Flaxseed Capsule 500mg -60 Capsule



There has been much a-do about the flax seed as a healthy supplement in the diet. It is now easily found as an important ingredient in food and also in the market in the form of seeds and oil. It is an excellent source of micro- nutrients, magnesium, vitamin b1, dietary fiber and essential fatty acid alpha-linoleic acid (ala) also known as omega-3. Though the taste of the seed is not as per liking therefore, it is also easily available in powder or oil form in soft gel capsules. It is the best source of vegetable- based omega-3 which is found in high- quantity. Making your health a priority, Nutriorg brings you soft gel based flax seed oil capsules..


made from organic flaxseed oil

Directions to use

one capsule morning and evening