Pure Nutrition Folic Acid - Vitamin B9 - 60 TAB



1.       Folic acid is involved in formation and repair of nucleic acids ( DNA & RNA)

2.       It is also important to improve memory cognitive functions of the brain

3.       It helps in formation of red blood cells and boost energy levels.

4.       Supports hearing function with increasing age.

5.       Sufficient levels of folic acid helps reduce levels of homocysteine which is an inflammatory molecule

Folic acid is a B vitamin , commonly known as Vitamin B9. It’s a water soluble vitamin. It is a key ingredient in the formation of DNA & RNA that forms part of all genetic material. Apart from this it is also involved in other important body functions.

Who can take this :

Those who are having fatigue and weakness due to low RBC counts

Those having difficulties with memory and want to improve brain health

Those who want to maintain healthy formation of DNA and RNA

To prevent age related hearing impairement


Folic acid, Spinacea oleracea leaf extract, Cicer arietinum seed extract

Direction for Use

1 tablet daily after meal or as per healthcare professional