Pure Nutrition Garlic Oil for Helps In Cholesterol; Weight Loss; Blood Pressure; Antioxidant and Anti-Inflammatory 60 Liquid Capsules


People have used Garlic as food and medicine since ancient days.
The volatile oil derived from Garlic acts as an anti-oxidant and has many uses
 It is one of the very few garlic oil products in the market which come in a Vegetarian capsule.

Garlic oil helps to:
To reduce the hardening of the arteries.
To control Blood pressure ( both systolic and diastolic)
Allicin is the prime compound present in garlic. This acts as an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory   

Likely users:
Garlic oil may be used by those who want to reduce cholesterol and weight.
People having high blood pressure and heart diseases like ischemia
For those having fungal infections like Ringworm
500 mg Garlic oil per vegetarian capsule
1 capsule daily after meal