Pure Nutrition Indian Dream - Herbal Tea for Digestion - 20 Tea Bags



Indian Dream is a herbal tea created to improve your digestion. The ingredients used in the tea also act as anti-oxidants and lowers your cholestrol levels

Mint - Mint plants contain an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent .
Star Anise - Anise also helps improve digestion, alleviate cramps and reduce nausea. Consuming star anise tea after meals helps treat digestive ailments such as bloating, gas, indigestion and constipation.
Fennel - Fennel is good for cholestrol, cinnamon-Cinnamon has been shown to increase glucose uptake by activating the GLUT-4 receptor and cardamom- It is good for bad breath and gum health.
The blend of mint, star anise, fennel, cinnamon and cardamom with our green tea is power-packed with numerous health benefits right from your teeth to your digetive system. The India Dream Herbal Tea boosts immunity and calmes nerves.


Mint Extract, Star Anise,Fennel