Pure Nutrition L-arginine 60 Tablets



L-arginine is an amino acid essential  for  the body to make proteins.

L-arginine is converted into Nitric oxide in our body which helps in the dilation of blood vessels..thus causing  improved blood flow.

Siberian Ginseng is used as an adaptogen to keep physical and mental stresses away. 


L-arginine is needed in the synthesis of most of the  proteins. Thus  it helps to increase the muscle mass.

It also helps to reduce the fat stores underneath the skin.

It may help to increase the blood flow to the cardiac muscles thus helping to relieve angina.

Some studies suggest that taking L-arginine may reduce blood pressure in  people with high blood pressure. 


L-arginine, Siberian Ginseng , Vit B6 


1 tablet twice a day,  1 hour prior to exercise or physical activity