RiteBite Max Protein Muesli Munchies Choco Crunchy (Pack of 1), 240g


MAKE IT HOT: Start your morning with a warm bowl of hearty grains, crunchy nuts and fruit for a touch of sweetness OR simply munch on it directly from the pack at any time of the day.

MAKE IT COLD: Mix your muesli with chilled yogurt or milk; Each bowl is loaded with high protein and fiber.

EXPLORE: Max Protein Muesli is available in the multiple variants, explore FRUITS & NUTS which are 100% roasted in Honey, CHOCO CRUNCHY which are coated with Dark Chocolate and NUTS & SEEDS sweetened with Dietary Fiber ( 0% Added Sugar )

2X THE PROTEIN: As compared with other leading Muesli Brands, Max Protein has 2X Protein i.e. 10g Protein as in 2 cups of dal, Fiber as in 1 Apple, Goodness of 7 Grains and the Protein Energy. Our muesli is sweetened naturally from ingredients in the product.

REAL INGREDIENTS, REAL TASTE: Max Protein Muesli Munchies stands high above the rest; Try our wide range of tasty products loaded with goodness of grains, nuts, seeds, fruits – Jumbo Oats, Quinoa, Wheat, Corn, Almond, Jowar, Dry Fruits, Barley, Soy, Black Gram, Rice, Cranberries, Black Raisins, Chickpea, Watermelon Seeds, Pumpkin Seeds.

MADE IN INDIA – Max Protein Muesli is made of real food from nature. Simple ingredients that taste amazing, Max Protein Muesli is freshly made in India.