Setu Fertil Max - 30 Tablets



Setu Fertil Max is te optimum mens' health supplement that improves male fertility and vitality. Formulated with clinically proven nutrients - Coenzyme Q10, lycopene, DHA , folic acid, selenium and zinc to enhance sperm function and improve overall reproductive health. We use our breakthrough proprietary UltraSOL delivery system which is a proven and patented approach to maximise the solubility of poorly absorbed nutrients. So max life, with the best way to be your best!

Health Benefits

Supports male stamina, enhance sperm function


Q-10, Mineral mix-252, DHA-200, Lycopene-40

Directions to use

Use the product as per recommended dosage with a glass of water. The product shows best results when consumed with the heaviest meal of the day i.e. breakfast