Setu Gluta Fizz - 30 Effervescent Tabs



Setu Gluta Fizz gives you the active power of glutathione in a tasty, fizzy formula. Glutathione is a critical, naturally-occuring tri-peptide found in the liver that serves as the most potent detoxifier. Modern lifestyle, pollution and alcohol tends to deplete Glutathione levels which is why we bring you our superior enhanced absorption formula. Glutathione levels in body decline with age and hence supplementing Glutathione orally is important to ensure healthy aging. Glutathione imparts skin lightening and anti-aging benefits as well and hence equally recommended for men and women.

Health Benefits

Support anti ageing, promotes skin lightening


Glutathione-500, Vitamin C-40

Directions to use

Setu Gluta Fizz should not be swallowed. Take one glass of water and drop a tablet. Enjoy the tasty and fizzy dose once it completely dissolves