Setu Vita C Fizz - 30 Effervescent Tabs



Setu Vita C Fizz is a daily food supplement that gives you the optimal dose of Vitamin C(which the body cannot produce) in a fizzy and tasty orange flavoured format. Our high absorption, sugar-free and fun effervescent formula, gives you immunity boosting power and protects against free radicals. Naturally orange flavoured with the added benefit of being sugar free and teeth friendly, this vitamin is is essential for boosting the health of the immune system and reducing the severity and duration of winter ills and chills. Recommended for all ages, Vitamin C supports the body’s ability to deal with toxic effects associated with tobacco smoking, eating out and sickness that are a part of the modern lifestyle we live.

Health Benefits

Supercharge immunity, Healthy skin & Gum


Vitamin C-1000

Directions to use

Setu Vita C Fizz is best had with your morning breakfast. Just drop a tablet in on glass of water and enjoy the fizzy, fresh dose of nutrition.