SISVEN Vegan Vitamin D3 - Natural Plant Based - Non GMO - Gluten Free - 400 IU 120 Veg Capsules


Most vitamin D3 supplements are made of lanolin, which is extracted from sheep wool. We do not use animal by-products of any kind. Our D3 is 100% plant-based and made from organic lichen.

  • PLANT-BASED: Our D-3 is 100% Plant-Based and Made from Wild-Harvested Lichen.
  • HIGH POTENCY: Uses the Cholecalciferol Active Form of D3 For Enhanced Bioavailability.
  • BENEFITS: Aids Calcium Absorption, Supports Immunity,  Promotes stronger bones and teeth, & Helps to Deal with Vitamin D3 Deficiency.
  • PURE: Non GMO. Gluten Free. Does NOT Contain Soy, Dairy, Corn, Nuts, Additives, Preservatives, or Coloring. Vegan and Vegetarian.