SSISVEN Vanilla & Coffee With Cocoa Handmade Soap - 100% Natural & Organic - 100g


Product description - 

Our Soaps are made by hand using traditional cold process methods. All our soaps are 100% natural & organic. They do not contain any sulphates, parabens, preservatives, synthetic colours & fragrances etc.


  • SISVEN Vanilla & Coffee with Cocoa Soap is a 100% Natural & Organic handmade soap bar that helps in maintaining healthy skin.
  • The Pure Vanilla Oil is an Antioxidant powerhouse and loaded with B-vitamins that play an important role in maintaining healthy skin.
  • The Coffee extract : Cleanses and Brightens the skin. Helps in smoothening out the skin texture and makes your skin soft. ENRICHED WITH COCOA: Natural properties in Cocoa helps to soften, clear and detoxify the skin. Improves elasticity of the skin.
  • Contains All natural, organic & biodegradable ingredietns
  • Certified PETA cruelty free