Nutra Grace Toco Flax 30 Capsules



Nutra Grace brings to you a unique combination of Mixed Palm Oil Tocotrienol and Flaxseed oil in its exclusive HPMC capsule, Toco Flax. Including this supplement in your daily diet is bound to benefit you in more than one way. You can bring home the goodness of two beneficial oils.

Health Benefits

Flaxseed oil is great for vegetarians who do not consume seafood. It encompasses in it the goodness of fish oil and others too. Flaxseed Oil provides the Omega-3 fatty acids, which is required by the body for overall health and well being. Including flaxseed oil in the diet enhances the skin’s elasticity and controls inflammation of skin. Flaxseed oil contains a variety of nutrients including protein, vitamin B1, manganese, selenium and Omega 3. Although aging cannot be stopped, the skin can be kept supple and soft with the consumption of Flaxseed oil.


Mixed Palm Oil Tocotrienol 50mg + Flaxseed oil 450mg

Directions to use

Men and women of over 18 years can consume 1 capsule once a day after meals.