Tribulus a Natural Vitality Booster 60N Capsule



Tribulus terrestris is a plant known in Ayurveda and used since thousands of years. Its has been consumed for various health issues like fatigue, lack of stamina and also helps with a few urological problems.

1. Research shows that taking Tribulus can improve the sexual experience in both women and  men. It acts like a natural vitality booster.

2. It helps to improve energy levels and strength which can improve your workout sessions. It acts like a natural vitality booster.

3. It may also help to build muscle mass by promoting faster recovery between workouts.

4. In Ayurveda , it is known to be helpful in various urinary problems by promoting urination.

 Who can take this-

  •  Those who want to improve their sexual performance.
  • Those who are looking to improve energy levels and stamina
  • Those who are interested in muscle building.
  • Those having urinary problems like kidney stones , etc.


Tribulus terrestris extract - 500 mg

Direction of Use:

1 Capsule twice a day after meals.