Wellbeing Melts Eye Care 30 Strips


Lutein + Zeaxanthin + Bilberry Prevent

Retina Damage

Eye Muscle Fatigue

Blue Light Irritation

Digital Eye Strain

How to Consume: Place a melts® strip on your tongue and allow it to dissolve.

Recommended Dosage: Take 1 strip daily after meals

Available in a delicious Zesty Lime and Lemon flavor


Tasty. Healthy.

melts® are rapid dissolving nano strips that convert key plant-based extracts into nano particles. These strips 'melt' upon coming in contact with your tongue to ensure easy and complete absorption of all the goodness and nutrients in an extremely enjoyable and fun manner.


Stay focused, 24x7!

Reduces Eye
Muscle Fatigue


Protects From
Blue Light Irritation


Eases Digital
Eye Strain


Be eagle-eyed for your wellbeing

Spend all day in front of a screen? Even your breaks include Netflix with no chill? Prolonged exposure to blue light from screens may cause irreversible damage to your eyes. It’s time to try melts® Eye Care – a small strip that dissolves in your mouth and works from within to protect your eyes from fatigue and digital strain!
Pick up Eye Care melts®if you:

Spend more than 5-8 hours in front of a screen everyday

Feel strain & fatigue in your eyes

Have dry eyes often

Encounter temporary blurred vision

Want to protect your eyes from lasting retina damage


Boosts Sharpness
of Vision


the Eyes


Prevents Age-related