Zealandia Manuka Honey 550+ (250g)


Our Premium Zealandia MGO 550+ Manuka Honey is a popular product. It has unique properties and distinctive flavours such as a delicious rich flavour and a smooth velvety texture. Certified for natural Methylglyoxal content (minimum 550mg/kg) – scientifically proven to be a key natural compound in Manuka honey MGO 550+ Zealandia MGO Manuka Honey is a certified premium New Zealand Manuka Honey you can trust. It is sustainably sourced from hives located in remote pristine parts of New Zealand, tested and packed in an approved RMP honey facility. Our expert care at every step of the process, ensures our MGO Manuka Honey retains its unique natural properties, has the rich taste and smooth velvety texture that has made it popular all over the world. MGO Manuka Honey is tested and certified for MGO potency, purity and quality. Scientific evidence has confirmed methylglyoxal (MGO) as one of the key compounds naturally occurring in New Zealand manuka honey. MGO levels vary greatly, so testing of every batch is important to guarantee MGO content.