Fast&Up Charge with Natural Vitamin C and Zinc for Immunity - 20 Effervescent Tablets - Orange Flavour


• Natural vitamin C from amla extract with No ascorbic acid added

• Provides antioxidant support

• Vitamin C boosts daily immunity

• Consume 1 to 2 tablets daily to maintain immune health

• How to use: Drop 1 tablet in 250 ml of water, wait till it dissolves completely and drink, consume 1 to 2 tablets daily to maintain immune health

Fast&Up Charge a unique natural Vitamin C supplement which is completely natural for boosting the immunity. It has immunity boosters such as 1000 mg Amla and 10 mg Zinc which strengthens the immune response. Being an excellent immune booster, Vitamin C extracted from Amla comprise of multiple immune boosting benefits due to its antioxidant properties. It helps in fighting cell damaging free radicals which build up at time of intense exercises. Charge also has Zinc which along with Vitamin C which regulates the immunity. It helps in controlling, regulating immune responses thus building up the defense mechanism of the body maintaining a healthy status of an individual. A number of infections are tackled effectively with this unique combo of Zinc and vitamin C in Fast&Up Charge vitamin C tablets providing immunity boost. Vitamin C also improves absorption of iron in the body from dietary sources. Vitamin C is water soluble thus body does not store it making daily supplementation of Vitamin C essential. Fast&Up Charge vitamin C supplement available in refreshing orange flavor in the form of effervescent tablets is easy to absorb by the body and does not cause any discomfort to stomach. The tablets can be consumed any time of the day as they are easy to use. One can consume about 1-2 Vitalize vitamin C tablets per day by dropping 1 tablet in 250 ml water and drinking it once the tablet dissolves completely in water. Each tube of Fast&Up Charge has 20 effervescent orange flavored tablets which makes an optimal and tasty source of Vitamin C supplement. Give yourself the best of the immune booster and keep going all the way with Fast&Up Charge.


Natural Vitamin C from 1000 mg Amla extract and 10 mg Zinc,

Directions to use

Drop 1 tablet in 250 ml of water, Wait till it Dissolves completely and Drink.