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NutraC is a Proactive Health Store with a vision to spread awareness of having a healthy lifestyle with the right nutrition through nutraceutical products and consolidate the Health & Nutrition brands and products under a single roof.
We are a first of its kind nutraceutical pharmacy where you can choose supplements with the highest quality for every health segments. Unlike how pharmacy is a one stop place for all kinds of drugs, medicines and reactive solutions for various diseases, NutraC is a one stop solution for all kind of nutraceutical products and supplements which are proactive solutions for better health. We are conceited to be a NutraC and aim to address the root cause of many emerging lifestyle related diseases and nutritional deficiencies better than traditional ‘PharmaC’.

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Taking charge of our own health can, and should, be far simpler than it was before; we believe that all that’s needed is the right assessment and nutrition. With continuous research and hard work, we have brought across the best brands of supplements in the market for you under one roof. These products are evidence-based supplements designed to help you obtain the proven benefits of high-grade nutrients in a simple and yet sustainable manner.
Everything from breakfast cereals, health bars, cookies, tea & coffee, snacks, nuts & seeds, millets, whole grain flours, herbal powders, cold pressed oil and juices We also have a range of health and wellness supplements to suit nutritional needs of all age groups and also the fitness and sports community. Any nutritional solutions you seek, you're sure to find them here.

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