Product description - Introducing Avolt Protein Wafer Bars, the first of its kind in India,
expertly crafted with hands & luscious Birthday Cake flavour. Avolt bars are enriched with
Hydro Whey, an unparalleled form of whey protein renowned for its exceptional quality.
These bars are designed to cater to the needs of busy individuals and athletes seeking
convenient meal replacement alternatives.

Brand description - Avolt® has been formed and established by our MD & CEO Mr Shashank
Dhir, who is a fitness enthusiast and has a passion for the health and wellness space.
Back in 2019, Mr Dhir relocated to Mumbai from Boston for work and after traveling to
major cities in India, he realised that the healthy snacking market in India had a gap. He
found that most of the products being sold over the counter were extremely focused on the
nutritional facts but lacked the quality of ingredients and taste, which he thought is
extremely important for any individual to continue to follow healthy snacking habits.
In January 2022, Mr Dhir decided it was time to bring some innovation into the healthy
snacking space and embarked on his mission to create good quality snacking products to
cater to one’s taste and daily nutritional requirements. In December 2022, Avolt® launched
India's first protein wafer bar which is a differentiator amongst all of the protein bars being
offered in India. Our irresistible protein wafer bars are made from a unique blend of protein
wafer, dark chocolate & creamy peanut butter. Our sugar & gluten free wafer bars offer 14g
of Protein and 284 Kcal of energy per 50g