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vogen Isoject Isolate Protein ULTRA-PURE WHEY ISOLATE

When going to every extreme to try to create the most effective whey isolate in existence, you have to go to equal extremes when developing the flavor. Evogen Nutrition has done just that. However, 100% pure proteins that also taste great and utilize the latest technology didn’t exist until now. This is why IsoJect is setting the standard for great tasting 100% whey isolate with only 110-120 calories per serving.

It utilizes cutting-edge triple cold-filtered whey isolate which undergoes sensitive nano-filtration to preserve the quality of its ultra-pure whey isolate. This innovative processing allows for a higher glycomacropeptide content than ion exchange processing. This peptide is high in branched chain amino acids and has many benefits toward your desired body composition goals.

Key Features of Evogen Isoject Isolate Protein

. Low Calorie

. low carbohydrate

. Pure whey isolate protein

. 100% pure whey isolate with 100% commitment to excellence in flavor

. Every serving comes with 25g of whey protein blends.

. The primary source of protein in this supplement is whey protein isolate for faster absorption.

. Evofusion Whey helps improve muscle power, volume, and strength.

. 11.5g of EAAs and 5.4g of BCAAs.

. You have a unique recovery blend that includes taurine, L-Glutamine, and BCAAs.

Benefits of Evogen Isoject Isolate Protein

Each serving of this whey protein powder comes with 25g of proteins from various sources to give you both fast and slow-acting proteins. This gives you sustained nutrition for maximum gains.

Evofusion contains a potent blend of three proteins in equal ratios to ensure you are getting appropriate fast, medium, and slow-digesting protein sources.

With each source in an appropriate ratio, Evofusion helps ensure steady-state amino acid absorption over a longer time period than single-source proteins making it ideal for any time of the day, in meal replacements, etc.

Helps improve muscle recovery: This is the best whey protein in India because of the unique recovery blend. It includes taurine, glutamine, and BCAAs. These amino acids are vital for the muscles to repair themselves after training. As a result, muscle soreness is reduced to help you push yourself and stay consistent with your training program.