Foresta Organics CLA 1600 Vegan with 80% Conjugated Linoleic Acid 60 Capsules

Foresta Organics is a line of plant-based dietary supplements using naturally sourced ingredients. That means we never include any artificial preservatives, fillers or additives. We are a vegan & cruelty-free brand providing a more sustainable option for you and your family. Our products are tested & certified for purity and safety. All our products are made in a USFDA registered facility under the strict guidance of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and certified under AYUSH. We work hard and earnestly to bring you clean, green and natural products because we believe it’s - Healthier, Ethical and Sustainable. We believe that altering one person’s lifestyle can truly inspire a new world. Foresta Organics’ CLA 1600 is extracted from Flaxseed and Safflower oil and is 100% Vegan. CLA 1600 is power-packed with 80% conjugated linoleic acid to help achieve optimal body composition and get maximum fat loss results. When taken in conjunction with a reduced-calorie diet and moderate physical exercise It helps reduce body fat and supports muscle retention. Moreover, it acts as an anti-inflammatory agent and is a powerful antioxidant that enhances muscle tone.  80% Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) Helps Manage Body Fat
Supports Weight Management
Helps Reduce Belly Fat
Helps Increase Lean Mass
Helps Increase Muscle Tone
Helps Improve Bone Density
Helps Boost Immunity
For adults, 2(two) capsules twice a day before meals, or as directed by your healthcare professional. For better results, consume it daily for at least 90 days. Do not exceed the prescribed dosage. Increase Muscle Tone

Combined with clean nutrition and exercise, CLA 1600 can help your body to use energy efficiently while preserving muscle mass. CLA supplementation can help you accelerate your muscle building and fat loss efforts.

Reduce Body Fat

CLA 1600 stimulates fat loss by utilizing deposited fat in body. Also, an increased rate of metabolism ensures that no excess fat deposits are maintained.

Retain Lean Muscle Mass

Regular supplementation of CLA 1600 helps improve muscle metabolism, which means, it not only reduces body fat, but also enhances lean muscle mass. It also helps in controlling urges to eat frequently and results in leaner bodies.

Improve Bone Density

CLA 1600 can help positively influence calcium and bone metabolism. It prevents age-related muscle loss and bone loss associated with inflammation and protects against the ever-growing threat of osteoporosis.

Helps Boost Immunity

As CLA 1600 is primarily derived from Omega-6, it contains powerful antioxidant properties and anti-inflammatory agents that help boost the body’s immune function.

Plant Based & Cruelty Free Naturally Sourced & Preservative Free