Gyrix Deep Sleep - 1 Box conatins 15 Oral thin films/Strips. Best for people with sleep problems


About this item

  • PERFECT CHOICE FOR SOUND SLEEP: These Deep Sleep Strips/Films contains melatonin that helps to restore your sleep cycle and gives a good night sleep. Supports in the regulation of Sleep wake cycle, Helps relax the body and mind, Improves sleep quality, Controls anxiety and stress, Eases jet lag and provides deep sleep.
  • MADE WITH ADVANCED NANO SCIENCE: The strips/films made up of polymer with a matrix that holds the formulation. It is rapid acting, all natural with higher bioavailability compared to tables/capsules and gummies with highest amounts of sugar. The nanoparticles in the matrix dissolves rapidly when it is kept on the tongue. It releases the extracts directly into the blood that provides rapid onset of action and comes with the accurate dosage
  • RIGHT CHOICE WITH PERFECT SET OF INGREDIENTS: Each strip/film of hair health contains Valerian root that eases restlessness and anxiety, relaxes the central nervous system and smooth muscles. Promotes the restful nights sleep. It also contains Chamomile which is a natural sleep aid that promotes the relaxation, Hibiscus in it induces sleep due to its anxiolytic and sedative properties. Lavender in it releases stress, stabilizes the mood, and improves sleep.
  • VEGETARIAN & PRESERVATIVES FREE: The Deep sleep films are vegetarian and comes without preservatives. Melatonin and other ingredients make you have a deep sleep and helps to start your day afresh and helps in seizing your day. Good bye to bad sleep and say hello to Deep sleep
  • SIMPLE AND EASY TO USE: The Strips/Films easy to use and comes with blueberry flavour. Keep one film on the tongue and allow it to dissolve. Take one film 30 minutes before bedtime. Gyrix Deep Sleep strips/films made with love and made in India with Nano technology