Lifenow Evening Primrose Oil Extra Virgin Cold Pressed, 500 mg - 60 Capsules


Lifenow offers Evening Primrose Oil encapsulated in Liquid Filled Capsules. Advantages of liquid filled capsules over soft gels.

• Contains no plasticizers

• Improves product stability

• Low moisture intake

• Effectively masks taste & odour

• Band sealing prevents leakages

• Tamper proof capsules

• Offers enhanced bio availability One of the main advantages of liquids is that they are absorbed directly by the body without going through break down stages.

Active ingredients in liquid form should therefore be absorbed faster than in solid form. Evening primrose was called as “The King’s Cure-All” by early Europeans. The evening primrose is a plant of the Onagraceae family, which grows in wild. The flower contains several hundreds of tiny brown seeds. 12 to 30% of oil is extracted from the seeds. Fatty oil is obtained from the seeds of Oenothera biennis by cold pressure. For centuries, evening primrose oil has been trusted to provide nutritional support for women. Evening primrose oil capsule is a rich natural source of GLA (gamma-linolenic acid), an essential omega-6 fatty acid which helps in metabolism. Lifenow evening primrose oil contains more than 10% of GLA. GLA is essential for good health, because its derivatives supports every organ in the body and promotes optimum health. It is natural ayurvedic product 


Directions to use

Take 1 Evening Primrose Oil Capsule twice a day after meals or as directed by your healthcare professional.