Lifenow Shilajit Extract (Fulvic Acid > 3%) 500mg (60 Vegetarian Capsules) For Stamina and Vitality


Lifenow Shilajit is a wonder herb for men as it boosts testosterone levels and helps in improving overall performance in every aspect of life. The fulvic acid present in our Shilajit is in its most natural and purest form as it is required in dilating the cell walls and transporting the minerals deep into the cells. For optimal results, take 1 capsule twice daily or as directed by a healthcare professional. Shilajit supports metabolism, bones, muscle, kidneys, memory & immune system. Provides energy, stamina and vitality. It helps transport nutrients deep into the tissue & removes deep-seated toxins. Shilajit also serves as a natural anti-oxidant, containing more than 85 minerals in their ionic form, keeping the diseases away from the body and helps in strengthening the immune system. Vegan and vegetarian friendly-Lifenow Shilajit veg. capsules, is produced in gluten-free capsules and contains no artificial ingredients. 


Shilajit Extract (500mg)

Directions to use

Take 1 capsule twice daily before food or as directed by a healthcare professional.