Miduty CoCo D3 50ml


Is muscle and bone pain your constant companion? Tired of feeling exhausted and falling sick all the time? 

This might be a sign that you are Vitamin D deficient. 

It's time to give yourself a Vitamin D boost with Miduty’s COCO D3! And, do you know that Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin that is easily absorbed when combined with healthy fat? 

Miduty’s COCO D3 is one such formula that contains MCT fat in combination with Vitamin D3. 

Your daily dose of Vitamin D can be fulfilled in a single drop of COCO D3 supplement as it contains 600 IU.


Whether you're young or old, a child or a teenager, COCO D3 is suitable for everyone. Packed with MCL oil, it ensures that your body absorbs Vitamin D3 effectively. 

This, in turn, supports the absorption of calcium in your body, promoting strong bones.

We all know that sunlight is a fantastic source of Vitamin D3, but with our busy lives, who has time to sit under the sun? Even if you take a sun bath to meet your daily Vitamin D requirements, your body can get pigmented, which can aggravate with age. Furthermore, darker skin can fail to absorb Vitamin D effectively. 

As a result, more and more people are suffering from Vitamin D deficiency, which leads to problems like body pain, weak immune system, fatigue, skin conditions, hormonal issues, and even depression.

But now, you don't have to rely on Mr. Sun to get your daily dose of sunshine vitamin! 

COCO D3 from Miduty is here to strengthen your bones, boost your immunity, and regulate your mood. Additionally, without affecting HDL (good) cholesterol, MCT oil lowers total and LDL (bad) cholesterol. [1] Beta-cell health and insulin sensitivity are enhanced by MCT oil. [2]

Say goodbye to daily dizziness and body pain by getting your daily dose of Coco D3! 

What’s it for?
- To boost immunity
- For stronger bones
- To improve muscle strength
- To stay energized
- Improves calcium balance