Miduty Immune Shield 60 Capsules


Fight seasonal allergies, itchy skin, and breathing difficulties with Immunity Shield—a special remedy designed to combat these issues head-on!

Packed with Liposomal Quercetin it offers high solubility and increased bioavailability, thus making it easily absorbed by the body.

Targets all kinds of allergies and provides much-needed relief from symptoms of sneezing, runny nose, scratchy eyes, hives, sore throat, and shortness of breath.


Seasonal allergies are very common, affecting a large number of people each year when the weather changes. While some people may experience milder symptoms, those with respiratory conditions often struggle more and may even end up in the hospital. 

The majority of people who have difficulty managing their allergic symptoms such as itching, runny nose, frequent infections, etc. are frequently given products like flu shots, and anti-allergic and antihistamine medications, right? But does it actually minimize your allergic symptoms?

No! Not everyone finds them effective, and they often come with unwanted side effects.

But worry not, for this Miduty has your back!

Introducing Immune Shield, a highly effective product designed to safeguard you against all allergies.

One of the key components of Immunity Shield is its Liposomal Quercetin, which makes it 16 times stronger and more powerful than any other form of quercetin supplement. 

The advanced formula also contains Stinging nettle leaf and Bromelain, both of which are known for their antihistamine properties and ability to fight against allergies.

So, say goodbye to seasonal allergies, itching, and breathing problems with Miduty’s


Immune Shield! 

What’s it for?
- People having breathing problems/ asthma
- People having sinus
- People having seasonal allergies
- People having skin problems
- Autoimmune conditions
- Allergic reactions
  • Dosage-

    Take 2 capsules daily together with 1 multivitamin capsule, or as prescribed by a healthcare provider

  • Please Note-

    Avoid taking it If you have low blood pressure, are pregnant, or are using blood thinners.

  • Quick info-

    This supplement helps overcome all kinds of low immunity symptoms. Take Vitamin D and a zinc supplement along with an immune shield to boost your immunity.