Miduty Krill Omega 3 60 Softgels


Are you of the opinion that Omega-3 fatty acids are required by our body? Why is it so? Do you believe having enough nuts and seeds will fulfill our daily needs for Omega-3?

Our body requires an equal balance of omega-3 and Omega-6 that is in the ratio of 1:1; however, it becomes a threat when Omega-6 outweighs Omega-3.

From nuts and vegetable oil, we only get omega-6, which causes an imbalance in the ratio, i.e., 4:1, which is one of the leading reasons for inflammation in the body. 

Also, if you think you intake fish to fulfill the Omega-3, then you may encounter heavy metal toxicity because of exposure to heavy metals in the sea, so the best choice could be having Krill Omega Complex by Miduty.


Krill omega complex, concocted with Krill oil, salmon fish oil and Astaxanthin, helps to neutralize free radicals for healthy aging and also acts as a mood stabilizer.

Krill oil acts as a powerful antioxidant as it supports a healthy heart by improving blood lipid levels and other risk factors for heart disease. [1]

Miduty’s Krill Oil contains Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA), Omega-3 fatty acids that help increase brain power and are required by our brain every day. Simultaneously, it proves to be an ideal source to improve joint pain and Arthritis symptoms.

Astaxanthin, present in our Krill Omega, helps in the activation of internal sunscreen, which is required to get rid of pigmentation. It also plays an important role in improving mood and preventing depression and age-related mild forgetfulness.

Miduty’s Krill Oil is an alternative to marine omega-3 fatty acids. Krill oil supplementation provides the additional benefit of reducing fasting glucose levels. [2]

Miduty’s Krill Omega, with the blend of Astaxanthin having the antioxidant property, helps balance oxidative stress, maintain cardiovascular health, uphold skin health, slow down aging, help in the faster recovery of the body from heavy exercise, also prevent eye fatigue, improve visual accommodation, and improve blood flow. 

The astaxanthin present in this product can improve mood and prevent depression and age-related mild forgetfulness. [3] 

Why is Miduty’s Krill Omega Complex Superior ?
      • Miduty’s Krill oil already contains an antioxidant name astaxanthin but we have added 2mg of extra astaxanthin to make it more powerful, which makes it 100X better and a great antioxidant even than vitamin C.

    • Krill oil is free of both heavy metals and rancidity, while fish oil often contains both. Choline, a substance found naturally in krill oil, is a component of the liver, heart, and brain.

    • The red color in the krill oil comes from the natural Astaxanthin which is one of the strongest antioxidants to fight inflammation in the body and isn't used by other fish oil brands. Additionally, it helps activate internal sunscreen from within the skin, making it more beneficial for people with Pigmentation. 

What’s it for?
- General wellness
- People who don’t take fish every day
- Dry skin and hair
- Skin conditions
- Body inflammations
- Autoimmunity
- Hormonal issues
How do I take them?
  • Dosage -

    Take 1 soft gel before sleeping, with water.

  • Quick info -

    Avoid consuming milk at night whenever taking a krill omega soft gel.

  • Please Note -

    Avoid taking krill omega complex in case you are taking blood thinners.