Miduty Liver Detox 60 Capsules


Looking at today's scenario where everything is loaded with toxins, and pollutants including our bodies, detox makes the essential component of our lives. 

Everyone has toxins loaded in their bodies today. Teenagers, women, and men are more likely to be exposed to processed foods, alcohol, cosmetics, chemicals/pesticides, personal care goods, and pollution. Coming in contact with all these toxic factors has led our bodies to become more inflamed, which results in the symptoms like headaches, weight gain, weariness, lethargy, and a dull complexion.

If your liver gets overworked, toxins begin to get stored in your fat and muscle and circulate through your bloodstream. Miduty offers the best and most powerful Liver detox formula which helps eliminate all toxins from the body. 


It's an undeniable fact that the natural ability of the liver to detox reduces with age hence weight gain, bad skin, thyroid, and other health problems because of piled-up toxins. MIduty’s liver detox provides extra help to your liver to detox, especially for people with no gallbladder.

Being formulated with ayurvedic herbs like Beetroot, Artichoke extract, and dandelion, makes it completely safe to be consumed daily for your health and vitality. 

Miduty’s liver detox has been made with all liver-friendly ingredients, to cure health complications.

The presence of the N-Acetyl-l-cysteine in this product having potent antioxidant properties is used to prevent liver toxicity by normalizing liver enzymes.

Milk thistle intake can provide prophylactic effects against toxin-induced liver disease, alcohol-related liver disease, and viral liver disease. This ingredient also has an anti-inflammatory effect and reduces liver enzyme levels. [1] Also, it contains anti-fibrotic properties. [2]

NAC has a liver protective effect which helps in the improvement of liver histology, reduction of enlarged spleen size, controlled elevated liver enzyme level, and improvement in fatty liver.

Miduty’s liver detox infused with Milk thistle helps detoxify the liver, by blocking the entry of the toxic substance into the liver by creating a blockade at the membrane level. Intake of Milk thistle provides prophylactic effects against toxin-induced liver disease and alcohol-related and viral liver disease. 

Milk thistle supplementation is significant for the improvement of liver enzymes and overall liver function. In addition to it, this is also known to improve the survival rate in patients with liver cirrhosis.

According to a study, supplementing with artichoke extract improves the liver's antioxidant status by raising the levels of catalase, glutathione, glutathione peroxidase, superoxide dismutase, and glutathione. [3] 

Why is Miduty’s Liver Detox Superior?
    • The effectiveness of milk thistle is dependent on the silymarin percentage, and we utilize 80% because it is the largest proportion on the market.
    • There are no hazardous fillers in the capsules; instead, ester vitamin C, which is excellent for the skin, is used as a filler.
    • The greatest technique to cleanse the liver is to combine Milk Thistle and N-acetyl cysteine which is present in Miduty’s Liver Detox.
    • All of the ingredients in the Miduty Liver Detox product are liver-friendly. This product contains NAC, a strong antioxidant that helps to normalize the level of liver enzymes and avoid liver damage.

      Miduty’s Liver Detox has Rosemary extract as its preservative, as compared to other products which use multiple artificial preservatives. The most bioavailable version of the salts is being selected for the formulation of this product.

People Living In Polluted Cities
- People Having No Gallbladder
- People Suffering From Skin Problems
- People Suffering From Liver Problems
- People Having Toxic Overload
- Women Suffering From Estrogen Dominance

  • Dosage -

    Take 1 capsule after breakfast and 1 after lunch with water.

  • Please Note-

    If you ever experience any signs of detoxification (caused by a high toxic load), take activated charcoal along with it.

  • Quick info-

    This supplement is a must if you are trying to reverse hormonal issues or any autoimmune condition.