MuscleBlaze MB-VITE Daily Multivitamin, for Enhanced Energy, Stamina & Gut Health, 60 tablet(s)

Product Description


MB-Vite Daily Multivitamin tablets just got better and stronger with the same premiumness but an even better formulation. This multivitamin pack has all your essentials with 6 unique blends & 50 plus ingredients to upkeep key micro-nutrients and amino acids in your body.Plus, MB vite multivitamin tablets prices are affordable too.
For any individual who is involved in the workout, it is very important to have a balanced micronutrient intake as these nutrients are lost during the workouts. The increased level of activities requires a good amount of micronutrients to keep the body’s functions sound. Getting all the minerals through your regular diet alone can be difficult. 
This is why you need a reliable supplement like MB-Vite Daily Multivitamin which is formulated specially to suit individuals who want a strong immune system and want to lead an active lifestyle with optimum energy & stamina. What makes MB-Vite a good multivitamin choice is its potent formulation & compliance with RDA (Recommended Dietary Allowance). Intake of these micronutrients in their required quantity is critical for them to work effectively.

Ingredients and Components of MB-Vite Daily Multivitamin Tablets

It contains 51 ingredients and 6 powerful blends which makes it the best multivitamin tablet to fill your nutrition gaps and you don’t have to worry about MB multivitamin prices too.

Vitamin & Mineral Blend: Vitamins & Minerals supplementation is critical for everyone, and increased activity levels mean more superior nutritional needs as
compared to a normal person. MB-Vite Daily Multivitamin tablets helps you take care of your micro-nutrient needs with ease & supports your fitness goals. Loaded with 100% RDA of key immunity boosters like Vitamin C, D, A, E and Zinc it fortifies immunity and has wholesome goodness.
Prebiotic & Probiotic Blend: MB-Vite Daily Multivitamin has a blend of both Prebiotic & Probiotic that helps in restoring healthy gut flora. This blend enhances Glycemic Index functionality so that athletes can utilize all nutrients from their diet and eliminate potential GI stress during intense training.
Anti-Oxidant Blend:  The Anti-Oxidant Blend formulated with Lycopene, Ginseng, Beetroot Extract, Grapeseed Extract & Citrus Bioflavonoids guard your cells against the harmful free radicals, the production of which increases during physical activity. They help reduce oxidative stress and prevent damage.
Enzyme Blend: An essential Enzyme Blend to boost your energy and decrease fatigue. Papain, Lipase and Amylase come together to aid digestion and help regulate metabolic functions.
Amino Acid Blend: An ultimate Amino Acid Blend inclusive of the three branche-chain amino acids (BCAAs) L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine, L-Valine along with L-Glutamine and Lysine.This blend is created to support  the most intense training and disciplined dieting.
Metabolism Blend: This Multivitamin has Black Pepper and Ginger together, to kickstart your metabolism. MB Vite is loaded with goodness for the gut and this blend counters indigestion and prevents fat accumulation with our stronger and better formulation.

Benifits of MB-VITE Mulivitamins Tablets

Amp up your fitness performance with one pill of MB Vite daily multivitamin:
Specially formulated for athletes: Unlock your ‘A’ game with all essential blends in MB Vite Daily Multivitamin that are created to uplift your athletic, bodybuilding and fitness prowess. With 100% RDA of key immunity boosters like Vitamin C, D, A, E and Zinc, this multivitamin ensures power packed energy, stamina, boosts recovery, repair of tissues, reduces stress and helps focus better
Impeccable Gut Health: Only if you feel good on the inside can you radiate freely on the outside. For those reasons MB-Vite is loaded with the goodness of pre-probiotics, metabolic and enzyme blend. All of these come together to help boost nutrients digestion in the body
Meet Daily Nutritional Requirements: MB Vite daily multivitamin decreases the nutritional gaps specifically faced by athletes and body builders. Workout and strenuous physical activities demand more and better nutrition than normal people and these powerful blends come together to intensify anabolic effect and muscle protein synthesis. 
Counter the stress of daily life: In modern day and age we counter stress from the moment we wake up until we hit the gym again. MB Vite is created with the idea to help you stay recharged through the day thanks to the unique anti-oxidant blend that helps in reducing oxidative stress and detoxifying your system with clean ingredients.


Frequently Asked Questions for MB-Vite Daily Multivitamin Tablets

When should I take multivitamin tablets?

Multivitamins contain both water-soluble as well as fat-soluble vitamins. Therefore, it is best to consume them with meals. This will also aid maximum absorption of these nutrients.

Is the consumption of multivitamin tablets good for health?

Multivitamin tablets offer a variety of health benefits including but not limited to improvement of bone and muscle function, enhancement of the immune system, energy level boost, maintenance of heart health, and so on. Serious allergic reactions are very rare on consumption of multivitamins.

Is it safe to consume multivitamin tablets on a daily basis?

Depending on the nutritional value of one tablet, you can consume 1-2 multivitamin tablets on a daily basis. Just ensure that you do not exceed the recommended daily amounts. You may also consult your doctor in order to gauge suitability.

What are multivitamin tablets used for?

There are two reasons for a deficiency of essential vitamins in your body: certain health conditions as well as poor diet. Consumption of multivitamin tablets helps you bridge the nutritional gap caused by these reasons, and fulfil your body’s nutritional needs.