One Science Essential Series Liquid Amino Concentrate 1000 ml


 One Science Essential Liquid Amino 1000 ml

• One Science Essential Liquid Amino is Water-base Protein Hydrolysate Concentrate With Leucine Taurine and Vitamin B6

• Provides your body with high-quality amino acids

• Aspartame free

• Water-based amino acid concentrate to help support protein supply

• Provides 23 g amino acids from hydrolyzed protein per 45 ml (per serving)

• Also contains L-leucine and taurine as well as vitamin B6

 The amino acids concentrate on the highest standards of quality. An incomparable premium product – and aspartame free too.

Food supplement. Water-based protein hydrolysate concentrates with the free form of amino acids and vitamin B6. With sugar and sweeteners. Energy Flavour., the breaking down of the molecular bonds between individual collagen strands to peptides making them much easier to digest.

About this item

IMPROVES MUSCLE RECOVERY: Essential Liquid Amino 23 Dietary Supplement is a perfect combination of aminos that assist in reducing workout induced muscle breakdown and helps support post workout recovery. This amino liquid also helps in reducing muscular fatigue and muscle soreness after hard trainings, and promotes muscle growth for an increased athletic performance in your next intense workouts.

PROMOTES LEAN MUSCLE: Our liquid amino acid is a great alternative to protein powder in helping body build protein to gain and maintain lean muscles. It also support your immune system to get you through in any training level. This is formulated with high-grade liquid collagen peptides and whey protein concentrate which can help further boost muscle mass and strength.

DIET FRIENDLY: It is low in carbs and high in protein like whey and collagen protein, so you can take our post workout shot even if you're in a Paleo or Keto diet. Our protein drink has a delicious flavor as well that you can mix with your oatmeal or other Liquid Amino workout drink.

NO SUGAR, NO CARBS: Our post workout recovery drink has no sugar, carb, calories and artificial colors to provide you a safe boost of energy before your training. This liquid protein shots are perfect if you're pushing through your extreme workouts to burn fats and intensify ​endurance to fight off fatigue at the gym

Benefits Of One Science Essential Liquid Amino Concentrate

 One Science Essential Liquid Amino Concentrate Speeds Muscle Repair/limit Muscle Breakdown

 One Science Essential Liquid Amino Concentrate Promotes Anabolic Environment

 Stimulate Metabolism

 One Science Essential Liquid Amino Concentrate Increases Strength And Promote Muscle Growth

 Speed muscle repair and limit muscle breakdown

 Increase strength and promote muscle growth

Number of Servings - 22
Serving Size - 45 ml
Leucine - 771 mg
Isoleucine - 376 mg
Valine - 543 mg
Carbs - 0
Energy - 96
Protein - 24 g

Goal - Promotes Anabolic Environment & Stimulate Metabolism

Proprietary Protein Blend(92%) (Hydrolyzed Protein From Fish & Whey Protein Isolate )citric acid Sodium Bicarbonate, Potassium Sorbate Natural & Artificial flavor ( Fruit Punch ) Purified Water


RECOMMENDED USE: As a dietary supplement, consume 4 tablespoons before each meal and again before and after training, or as directed by a physician or licensed nutritionist.